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Young & Gifted Kidpreneur Is On A Mission

To assist students with dreams of owning a business by encouraging them to lead confidently, think critically and creatively, develop a growth mindset and understand the value of self-sustainability through exploring entrepreneurship.

What we do

Future Leader
Development & Support

We partner with students, parents, schools and other complementary organizations to encourage entrepreneurship. We acknowledge students creativity and uniqueness to empower them take charge of their futures and become #YGKidpreneurs. 

Our Initiatives

Pure Entrepreneurial Youth Advocacy​

We pinpoint students’ interest and work with them to develop actionable goals; sparking their growth mindset.
Our focus is on school and community involvement through three initiatives:

School-Oriented Youth Program

The Young & Gifted Kidpreneur youth program partners with schools directly and offers independent workshops where students participate in one of the following programs during one semester:

- Start-Up (New business planning)
- Coaching (Current business support)

Students explore marketing, branding, market research, finance and more for their business. They walk away with a viable business plan and the opportunity to participate in the business expo and/or crowdfunding competition.

Business Expo

A “marketplace” held to support and shed light on today’s entrepreneurial youth. Using this platform, kidpreneurs under the age of 18 have the opportunity to sell their products or services, while marketing their brands.

The purpose of the Young & Gifted Kidpreneur Business Expo is to bring together Kidpreneurs and the community that supports them. Each Kidpreneur is responsible for setup, sales, and customer interaction. In addition to featuring their business, each Kidpreneur is entered into a business competition for a chance to win monetary & tech prizes.

Crowdfunding Competition

Each semester, students are invited to develop a two minute presentation of their most creative and original business idea. During the #YGKidpreneur Crowdfunding Competition teachers, family, friends have the opportunity to support the students monetarily.

At the end of the school year, students are joined by young entrepreneurs from across the nation for the Youth Launch Week, a week of live crowdfunding competition and learning opportunities - brought to you by theyouthlaunch.com. Winners keep their crowd-raised funds and other awards.
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20 Years


By creating a safe, consistent and welcoming environment
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By creating a safe, consistent and welcoming environment
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Business Planning & Coaching

Our school follows the guidelines of the local school district
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Our school follows the guidelines of the local school district
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